Back to Running: 3 tricks to start again

For the Love of Running

I’m back to running! I have been running for more than half my life and it something I really love. Something in me just loves cruising around the landscape or looking down a hill right after you just ran up it, knowing that every small footfall brought you to where you’re standing. Or mornings, seeing your neighborhood wake up and shuffle out the door. I’ve said before I like running in the morning and it’s still better than coffee!

I love running but a couple of months back, I decided to step away for a while. I have met quite a few people who have consistently run for decades, including both my high school and college coach. Long term runners who’ve never stopped are truly inspiring but, I personally need to take months off to get some perspective or focus on something else. Plus as someone who does not remotely have a runner’s body; running takes it toll, running is a high impact sport and I need to take a break now and then to feel alright and heal. It’s hard to step away, I having been injured on more than one occasion with a bum leg or foot, it’s hard to step away for a while because running feels like a privilege. It’s great to be out there on the open road, but as the song says ‘everything has a season.’ Stepping back has made this blog suffer, but from now on, I’m hoping I’ll be back on here more often.

Back to Running

After taking off time off, the first couple are far from easy physically.

  1. Personally, the first day back never feels too bad during the run, what I think is ironic is walking, afterwards is hard part. Be prepared for sore muscle for a few days and stretch. You will soon realize you were using muscles in ways you hadn’t been. I usually don’t mind stairs, but I hate going up and down them right now!
  2. Having spent a few days going out doing shorter runs, I take a day off and it usually feels great. I also think it makes you stronger, since it gives your body time to adapt. The next run after the day off always feels a little easier, since your body has had the time to adjust to the task you’re putting to it.
  3. Who cares about the time or the pace at the beginning? For the first few weeks I usually pick a route a lot shorter than you know you used to be able to do and just do it. Keeping the new schedule has been hard enough my muscles are sore! I haven’t timed my runs over the last few days simple because honestly, I don’t want to know. It’s too early to be thinking anything about pace or time and getting out there doing it is the goal.

Hitting Mileage, what’s that?

I’m sure I could get on Google and figure out how short the runs have been over the last few days but right now I don’t care. I’m back to running! It’s a great feeling and it really is a great release from all the day’s stresses. Plus the weather has been really great the last few days! It’s finally to starting to feel like summer.

Summer running

Boston is a great city to run in, I was driving along the Charles and the Esplanade. Seeing people cruising along near the water’s edge reminded me about how many great places there are to run around Boston there are. It always seems to be windy but going across the Mass Ave bridge is always fun and the view of the Boston only runners and walkers get to experience is just awesome. Seeing the runners and walkers enjoying the great weather, I wanted to be out with them. I’m looking forward to getting back at it. Summer Running is just simply fun for how many other people are out and about. I lost focus with my running because I didn’t have a set goal. I’m going to train for something longer, just which something is the open question. There are a lot great races around the Boston Area and I would to be in at least a few of them.

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