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7 Marathons 7 continents 7 days, whew!

I have to say I was surprised and excited to learn last year that someone from around Boston was going to attempt to run 7 Marathons in 7 days! Becca Pizzi from Belmont, MA is part of the 2016 World Marathon Challenge which is a 7 continent challenge, including Antarctica! From the numerous interviews I've read about her, from the Herald to People it sounds like she does a lot to prepare for her races and that she's had a lot of practice. She's done 45 marathons even before she even toeing the line this past Saturday. She was quoted as being "born to do this." She makes me feel like a slouch, I've only ever run a marathon! Here is the schedule and her results as of my writing: 1st Marathon Saturday 1/23 Grand Total (GT) - 26.2 miles The first marathon that this multinational squad attempted is on the Union Glacier on Antarctica. It would be neat just to go to Antarctica! It is summer down there which means the conditions were definitely colder than what we've had around Boston at 14ºF for the four lap course. Pizzi finished in 3 hrs 57 min 19 sec.

2nd Marathon Sunday 1/24 GT - 52.4 miles The South American marathon was in Punta Arenas, Chile in the region famous for its scenery, Patagonia. It is a small city of 150,000 people at the southernmost tip of South America, making it the closest civilized place to Antarctica. Per World Marathon Challenge's Facebook's page it was a 4 loop course. Pizzi finished in a time of 3 hrs 44 min 18 sec.

3rd Marathon Monday 1/25 GT - 78.6 miles The 'local' North America marathon was in Miami, FL. It was a 4 lap, point to point race along Miami's famous South Beach in iconic Lummus Park. Running along the beach will definitely be a change from the snow of the Antarctica. Pizzi finished in a 3 hrs 41 min 20 sec hrs.

Casa de Campo Mapa

4th Marathon Tuesday 1/26 GT - 104.8 miles The European marathon is in Spain's capital Madrid. It will probably be the highest course at 2100 ft of altitude. They will be doing a 10 loop course in Casa de Campo, one of the world's largest municipal parks. (See Above map) It looks like they will be staying in the flatter part of the park, close to the 'Lago' (Lake). Pizzi finished in 3 hrs 48 min 19 sec and is leading the women's field!

5th Marathon Wednesday 1/27 GT - 131 miles The African marathon is in Marrakech, Morroco which is an old city with a large historic downtown. It will be a flat 4 lap course near downtown and the last time during the race, they will not be running on the beach. It will mostly like be pretty warm, dry and sunny. The city second highest of the trip on a flat plain at 1529 ft with the Atlas Mountains off in the distance. Pizzi finished in 3 hrs 50 min 47 sec.

6th Marathon Thursday 1/28 GT - 157.2 miles The Asian marathon is in Dubai. The course is point to point along Dubai's waterfront and it looks like you can see those man-made islands everyone talks about. It will definitely be one of the warmer places they've been so far with an average temperature of 75ºF, which is a winter temperature. It is a good time of year to be running in Dubai because the average temperature in May is 100ºF, never mind the summer months! Pizzi finished in 4 hrs 14 min 41 sec.

7th Marathon 1/29 Friday GT - 183.4 The Australian and final marathon is in Sydney. I think once I got here, I would be so happy provided you weren't feeling too beat up at this stage. It looks like the route is a point to point course. That is one high mileage week!

Good luck Becca Pizzi & Happy Running!

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