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Bright Running Gear

I know it's important for the changing of the seasons, but I really don't like how the sun disappears so much this time of year. It'll feel like it's 8 and it's actually closer to 5pm. It's a good time of year to think about what you're wear running; bright running gear is important. If you're wearing camouflage, people can't see you and most important people won't see you. Even if you're in a place pays close attention to walkers and runners, like the Boston area, it's still better to be seen. I own a lot of bright running gear and when I'm running around the city I always try to wear something highly visible no matter what time of day or what time of year. runningstop2 I was out on a training run with a couple of buddies awhile ago. We were all either wearing white or grey shirts.  The run was pretty normal and we were on the sidewalk most of the way until we came up to a one stop sign intersection along the main road we were following. A car came toward the stop sign about the same time we did and stopped. We stopped the same as the car and we were literally standing right next to the sign before we started to cross. The driver didn't notice us at all and my buddy who was a little ahead of me, sort of saw her as she started to turn onto the street, while not looking. He didn't get stuck exactly as slide up onto the hood. He was fine, with a little bruise on the side of his leg, but it happened so fast and we barely had time to react. My buddy was fine and we finished the run, finishing in a good time. It did hammer home to me: be seen while you are running; bright running gear is what you want to be wearing.

Since that time I'm amazed about how I didn't get it sooner and still how many runners still don't. I love wearing grey, just not while I'm running! I have a couple of bright jackets and shirts that are easily visible. I have shiny vest that are super reflective. A lot of people run with small flashlights or headlamps, visibility for you and for drivers is key, I haven't started doing that, yet, though there is times I have run with headlamp. Personally opinion, if you can't look at a bright color for a long period of time because it's so bright, it's probably a great color bright running gear. Whether you're running 5, or 10 minute miles it is simply safer and more helpful for everyone to be seen. Being a driver myself I can assure you, we don't want you touching their cars. It's better to be bright than on someone's bumper.

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