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Fun Run?

fun-runWhy Run?

I've had many people ask me over the years "you run for fun?" to which my response is often either a sheepish or enthusiastic "yes." After that I'm never sure where else to take it, because even longtime exercisers who have run for a while have told me that they only do it as 'a great workout', they don't believe in a fun run. Even multi-sport athletes have told me they wouldn't run if their could avoid it. "I would walk." I'm not sure on people's objection, except to say it's not a sport for everyone and running is hard, but it gets easier with practice. It can be hard to start, but you definitely should!

Can you make a run fun?

Starting can often feel a lot like trying to push a large rock, it does not move at first, but with consistent effort it can and does start moving at first but it's way easier once things have started moving. For me, the initial two weeks are the hardest, when you decide whether you want to start running. It's during those first weeks, you deal the most consistently with sore muscles and joints. Personally for me, getting out of bed is the hardest and I feel like after you've been at it for two weeks and you've found a routine it makes all the difference, that can include running with a friend. After you've run for a couple of weeks, it's then you can start enjoying your runs. It takes some time to get to that point but it's a plateau you want to get to.

Do shoes help make a fun run?

I'm not a huge advocate of spending a lot of money when you first start. I have seen way too many people, buy way too much stuff too fast, but invest time and money in shoes. When I first started running in high school I had a pair of shoes I had got for gym class, they were cool to look at it they just did not fit. I got so many blisters my first month. At the time, I told myself that I was breaking in a new pair of shoes. Honestly I haven't got so many blisters before or since and they were on the most random spots, like on the tops of my toes! If they 'don't fit you must acquit'; find another pair! I did learn a lot about how to to dress blisters, but is not an experience I would wish on anyone. Initially spend the extra money for a pair of shoes that fits well and does not rub the wrong way. Lace up and get out there, the weather has been great!

Happy Running!

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