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How long is a 10K?

How many miles is a 10K?

10 K(kilometers) = 6.2137 miles. How long is a 10K, it's double a 5K. In my experience, it's the second most common race distance after a 5K (though it's a distant 2nd). When there is more than one race at one time it is often paired with a 5K. It's unusual to find it as a stand alone race, but there are some exceptions (see the end of my post).

What is a kilometer?

It is a international standard of measurement of distance for 1 kilometer = 0.62137 miles. (10 kilometers x 0.6137 = 6.2137 miles) A unit of distance measure standardized by International Bureau of Weights and Measures. Kilometers are regularly used in Track and Field events for measuring distance. It is also the most common unit of measurement internationally. Learning to train in kilometers can help you better prepare you for longer races by knowing your kilometer pace.

Why run a 10K?

First answer, I think most people would give is preparing a longer race. It is often the first step in the quest to train for greater distances. You actually have to begin to prepare for because at minimum it's going to take at least 30 minutes plus, unless you are truly athletically gifted.  I enjoy the 5K, but there is something really enjoyable about doing a 10K, at the very least it's bigger calorie burn and there are usually less people. If running is something you are looking to pursue and have just started training, or looking to, it is great way to meet people who are also interested in running.

10K vs 5K?

I like the 10K better, because depending on the course, you can usually set a pace and see it come together. It is not a good race to start running with because it is long; 5Ks are a better starting race (which is why they're more popular). When you have started training and have done a couple of races over a 5K, a 5K begins to feel like breeze and it is over pretty quickly. At 6.2 miles, it starts to be a race that takes preparation to complete, finally getting to where hitting mile times, or hitting split times breaks up the race and keeps you in it. It's a fun race and it really can help you better understand how your head and body respond to going the distance.

How is a 10K in related to a Marathon?

A 10K is roughly 1/4 of a marathon (or 23.8% of a marathon to be exact). A marathon is 42K or 26.2 miles. Running a 10K as part of your marathon training is a really good idea because it can give you a better idea of where you are in your training.  Training for marathon takes a lot of time and learning how to pace yourself is key.

What should I wear during a 10K?

After you've  spent sometime training for a 10K it is really good idea to think about what you're going to wear during runs and races. Depending on how many distances runs you during you're going to start noticing the things you wear a lot more because of where your clothes rub. For example when I started running I was using baggy windbreaker pants, but they were simply not comfortable after a few miles simply because they had a tendency to rub. I started looking around for a different style and ended up with some close fitting Sporthill pants, that were warm and really easy to run, during cold weather.

Should I eat during a 10K?

Under normal circumstances, it isn't really necessary because the race simply isn't really long enough.  But if you need to or you're training for a half marathon or full marathon, a 10K is a great opportunity to learn how to eat during a run. The longer races I've done I depended on a the gatorade they had on hand, which I think really hurt my overall performance. I'm a big advocate of thinking about what you're going to eat during race and learning to wash it down with water. There are a variety of ways to carry it, from an inside pocket to tucking it into a belt. I swear I haven't been to a race yet (no matter the distance) without someone with one of those belts with small bottles in it, but I personally think that's overkill. Having someone along the course is really the most ideal, so they can hand you food during the course of the run really is ideal.

How long is a 10K, do I eat during to eat?

Preference makes a big difference, to people and the best advice I could give you is try everything. For example Powerbar got started by a marathoner looking for that extra energy during the last mile few miles. To me personally the idea of having to chew and breathe during a race does not appeal to me at all and might even be dangerous. I think that's the main reason that other things have been developed since then.  A lot of long time runners I've met swear by energy gels, which I think make a lot of sense.

Great 10Ks in New England: (In no particular order) Tufts 10K is a women's only race and one of the bigger 10k in New England

Beach to Beacon started by Joan Benoit Samuelson and is a great way to run in Maine

James Joyce Ramble is inspired by the famous author

BAA 10K great race and fairly big right in the heart of Boston

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