Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Running and Living is a blog by Sam Nigh. His posts explore running, food, and important fun things! 

1st Post

BlogPost 11 I have my own site! For a newbie like me, it takes a lot of work to set up a domain and hosting. Thank you to both InMotion and GoDaddy customer service for helping me fix my early errors. The process, has been frustrating at points, and definitely fun; deciding on the colors and theme has a bit of a trick. I have found the tutorials by WPSculptor really helpful because he is really careful to go through every step. I think it will be a bit of time before I find this site is everything I would like it to be. I've having been a runner for a long time and I've rarely talked about it never mind written about it, I hope this blog gives me an opportunity.

Boston Marathon