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The humble hat & winter running gear

Lately, the weather around Boston has been a strange mixture of unseasonably warm, cold rain, and sharp wind. All I personally do is daydream about a blue skied spring day and prepare with the right warm clothes. Here are 3 of the best running gear items I have found useful running outdoor workouts. warmhatRunning leggings are totally key. If I went through my closet, I would find a lot of race T-shirts and then a close second would probably be non-cotton leggings. I have different lengths of tights, full length and some for cyclists, and more than a couple pairs of winter running pants. Tights are super adaptable, they can act either as a base layer or on 'relatively' warmer days as the main one. For me, nylon is fine, but it is useful to have cuffs that help it stay tight and not ride up your leg, also think about where the seams are. Close fitting pants are my outside layer and cold weather solution. I know some people like baggier, personally I can't  stand it. When it's windy (like it has been the last couple of days) the extra cloth bunches up or catches in the wind, personally I find it makes me colder. To me having your layers closer to your skin makes all the difference

Synthetic Socks, or blended fiber socks are awesome, with at least some nylon that wicks easily. Hopefully you're not as much of a klutz as I am whenever I'm outside in the winter, I always end up getting my feet wet. Either I don't succeed in jumping entirely past a puddle or my foot gets splashed by a passing car, for me it's best to be prepared. Some people swear by wool, which is a great material and I love my sweaters. Personally I've tried it while running and it just feels hot and the longer you wear them the heavier your feet become. I know this isn't a clear stance but just don't wear cotton socks, often they aren't thick enough and when they're wet can be blister problem.

Warm hats, I'm know this sounds easy, but hear me out, the ones they normally sell as athletic stores are pretty flimsy. Companies like New Balance or SportHill make great things they just don't give much thought to hats, which is sort of ironic because they want your thoughts in them... Running ear warmers are useless! Please just wear a hat, I know it messes up your hair, I've been there, I had long straight hair for a number of years; I just think of it as an occupational hazard. I personally wear a lot of 'non-running' hats, made by friends of mine and I know it messes up your hair, but keeping your head warm makes a huge difference to simply getting you out the door. The more of the head they cover the better, you shouldn't have your ears showing and this is one place wool is a lovely thing. I hope you stay warm this winter!

Happy running!

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